The Poeticians.

Poets sharing words from the Middle East to haunt the lyrical world.


We Are

The Poeticians is a group of writers, readers, listeners, lovers and word warriors that have come together to share their work, thoughts, ambitions and fears with small intimate audiences in Beirut, Amman and Dubai. The poets are of all nationalities and read in English, Arabic and French. We had one Italian poem too.

Run by Palestinian filmmaker and writer, Hind Shoufani, the group was established in 2007 and has been reading and performing since in three cities.

The group is an elastic entity, with no rules, no boundaries, no censorship, no membership system or structure.

We put out the call for a reading, and you join us.
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To find out more about Hind, please check out and to stay tuned to our lyrical breath, come back here to read, share and learn of upcoming events.

Poetry rocks.